Changing Minds with Green Ribbon

Green Ribbon

Dezynamite Helping to Change Minds

Dezynamite are proud to support the national Green Ribbon campaign currently under way for the month of May to help end mental health stigma.

The See Change Green Ribbon initiative has identified the workplace as a key setting for social change around attitudes to mental health problems to take place, and we have joined the ranks of businesses looking to help make that change.

In Tullamore, the campaign has been driven by local businessman James O’Connor, who has worked tirelessly for the campaign, saying:

“I got involved with the Green Ribbon Campaign three years ago after sharing my story about my battle with mental illness and an attempt to take my own life in 1999. I am now one of 60 ambassadors across the country trying to end the stigma around mental illness. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. It’s like throwing a stone into the water – the ripples keep going. It affects so many people. No matter what road you have travelled, someone has always travelled it before you. There is always someone willing to help if you ask.

The Green Ribbon Campaign was set up to try to raise awareness and end the stigma around mental health difficulties. Mental illness can strike anyone at any time; it knows no boundaries. I think if you can get kids when they are young and teach them not to be afraid to speak up and share what is in their head it will help them a lot and will go a long way towards ending the stigma. As Bill Clinton said mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of but stigma and bias shame us all”.

The Main Aims/Objectives of Green Ribbon:

– Reduce stigma associated with mental health problems and challenge discrimination;
– Create an environment where people are more open and positive in their attitudes and behaviour towards mental health;
– Promote greater understanding and acceptance of, and support for people with mental health problems and;
– Create an environment where people with experience of mental health problems are empowered to gain equality, respect and rights.

Key Messages

– Mental health problems can affect anyone at any time during their lives.
– People with mental health problems can and do recover.
– People affected by mental health problems are entitled to the same human rights as everybody else in society without discrimination.
– Every person – whether you have been personally touched by mental health problems or not – has the power to help stop the stigma and discrimination of mental health problems.

By wearing a green ribbon we are saying that we are open to a conversation regarding mental health, with the aim of reducing mental health stigma – one conversation at a time. You don’t have to be an expert to talk about mental health and this campaign gives the following advice:

Talk, but listen too
simply being there will mean a lot

Keep in touch
meet up, phone, email or text

Don’t just talk about mental health
chat about everyday things as well

Remind them you care
little things can make a big difference

Be patient
ups and downs can happen

And remember, there is always someone who is willing to listen.

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