Dezynamite Goes Green with Green Ribbon Campaign

Tullamore Goes Green with the green ribbon campaign

Tullamore Goes Green with the Green Ribbon – let’s start a conversation

Mental health problems affect one in four of us, yet people are still afraid to talk about it.

Dezynamite Goes Green

This month, for the Month of May, Dezynamite goes green in support of the ‘Tullamore Goes Green’ mental health awareness campaign. We will wear our green ribbons for the month of May to show we are willing to support mental health awareness and are willing to start a conversation about mental health.

Dezynamite are proud to lend their support to try and end the stigma around mental health issues. If you would like to show your support contact and get your free green ribbon please contact a member of our staff and we will be happy to organise some for you.

Green Ribbons in Tullamore

Tullamore Goes Green – a brief history

In 2018, See Change ambassador James O’Connor started an initiative he called ‘Tullamore Goes Green’. With the help of Tullamore Chamber of Commerce and the people of Tullamore, the initiative distributed 7000 ribbons and garnered the support of 170 local organisations.

If you are interested in starting your own local initiative, here is James’ guide to how he and his team did it.

James’ Guide: “The following are the steps we took to kick start our #TullamoreGoesGreen campaign:
1. We got in touch with See Change and informed them of our plans. The girls were so helpful and organised Green Ribbons, Posters, Press releases etc. for us.
2. Once we received the ribbons we made them into bundles of 10. This made it easier for us to distribute the ribbons and to keep track of them as we only had a limited number.
3. We set up a Facebook page called ‘Tullamore Goes Green.’
4. We got in touch with the local newspaper and organised a photo shoot to launch the campaign on May 1st.
5. We didn’t form a formal committee but we gathered together a small group of 3 local business people with strong personalities (through our involvement with Tullamore Chamber of Commerce) and organised for each person to be responsible for distributing ribbons to certain streets and areas in the town. We took photos of this and posted them on Facebook.
6. On May 1st we distributed the ribbons to almost every business in Tullamore town centre.
7. Each business received a note asking them to post a picture of their team wearing green ribbons on Social Media using the hashtags #TullamoreGoesGreen and #GreenRibbonIRL. This allowed us to find the posts and repost them on our own Facebook page. By using the hashtag #GreenRibbonIRL it also allowed See Change to see the posts.
8. We left boxes of ribbons in the busier shops in town for the public to take.
9. We got in touch with the local HSE Choir and asked them to perform a song for the campaign.
10. We also got in touch with Offaly County Council and we lit our Town Hall green for the month of May.
11. We got 32 large green ribbons made and gave them to prominent local businesses to use for window displays. The demand for the large green ribbons was phenomenal and it was great to see them in shop windows.
12. We found once people started to notice the large ribbons, more and more people wanted to become involved in the campaign. We received so many requests from businesses and organisations looking to become involved in the campaign through our Facebook page that we quickly ran out of ribbons.
13. We did restrict the numbers of ribbons given to businesses and we posted on Facebook that ribbons were in short supply – this proved to be a great tactic as people wanted ribbons before they ran out!
14. Some local businesses made their own window displays and some held events.
15. We hope to expand the campaign this year and have started planning much earlier than last year.
16. Advice: Order your green ribbons etc. well in advance as they run out very quickly!

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